Introducing our 2023 spring collection of handmade bath bombs and soaps! Indulge in the delicious scents and vibrant colours of our limited edition collection, crafted with care to leave your skin feeling silky-smooth and refreshed.

Surprise Bath Bomb

Kinder Surprise Bath Bomb

Introducing the Bath Time Surprise bath bomb - the perfect combination of relaxation and excitement! This unique bath bomb is shaped like a Kinder Sur...
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Handmade Bath Bomb

Chirpy Chick Bath Bomb

Introducing our charming egg-shaped chick bath bomb! Each one is meticulously hand-painted to exude an adorable and cuddly charm. Infused with the del...
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jelly baby soap

Jelly Baby Soap

Our fun and fruity Jelly Baby Soap in a zesty lime green colour and mouth-watering lychee lemonade fragrance! This soap has been expertly crafted to l...
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