Mrs Hinch Wax Melts

Mrs Hinch Wax Melts

What is a Wax Melt and why would I use them?

Wax melts are scented, profiled pieces of wax that are gently melted by wax warmers. For ease and safety we recommend Electric Wax Warmers as there are no naked flames. Wax warmers are readily available from Simply Soaperior. The Wax Warmer slowly melts the solid wax filling the surrounding area with a delightful aroma, a scent  as pleasant as any candle but with far more safety!

They come in many shapes, designs and fragrances.

At Simply Soaperior we have a great range of  Wax Melts, inspired by non-other than Mrs Hinch, "The Cleaning Queen!"  It is of no surprise Mrs Hinch Wax Melts have been one of our best selling products of late, their quirky design and fabulous fragrances keep customers returning for more.

All  our wax melts are hand poured using only natural soy wax. This creates a clean, fragrant burn perfect for any room in your home. Mrs Hinch Wax Melts are specifically designed to create the scent of a sparkling clean and fresh home. You can choose your aroma from  "a fresh clean" through to "fully disinfected."

A single Mrs Hinch Wax Melt will give  around 24 hours of full fragrance. Our Luxury Gift Box containing 22 single melts therefore lasts over 3 weeks if used daily!

Mrs Hinch Wax Melts are sure to elevate that all important relaxation experience  bringing wonderful fresh clean aromas to your home. 

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