Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy
Simply Soaperior may use cookies, and other equivalent tracking technologies, to support the performance and serviceability of our website.
Please read the contents of this policy to appreciate how and why Simply Soaperior may use cookies and other tracking technologies and how you manage their use.
What are cookies?
Cookies are small text files containing a string of characters that a website places on your computer or mobile device upon visiting a website.
Cookies assist the visitor to navigate around a website efficiently and complete certain functions.
Types of cookies
First and third-party cookies
First-party cookies are established directly by the visited website.
Third-party cookies are established by other parties, such as social media providers, search engines, payment processors, and marketing networks.
Session and persistent cookies
Cookies are commonly referred to as either session or persistent cookies and are conditional on the amount of time used.
Session cookies will only be active when you use the website and will not remain after closing the browser session.
Persistent cookies may remain for a predetermined period after the browser session, or they can be kept on your computer or device until actively removed.
Why does Simply Soaperior use cookies?
The use of cookies helps distinguish website visitors and enables Simply Soaperior to enhance the user experience by improving our understanding of website usage.
Cookies enable the Simply Soaperior website to remember your activities and preferences (such as account login, language, font size, and other display preferences), meaning you do not need to re-enter them when returning to our website.
Hence, Simply Soaperior may use the following cookies at any time:
Strictly necessary cookies are vital for ensuring the Simply Soaperior website operates as required, and they must be present. These cookies help compile the web pages provided to you, enhance website navigation, and help you return to previously visited pages.
Simply Soaperior may use these cookies to:
  • Identify you when logged into a protected area on the Simply Soaperior website
  • Remember the items you have placed in the shopping cart when you reach the checkout page
  • Identify to us that you have approved the use of these cookies
  • Allow Simply Soaperior to test alternative designs on our website.
Performance cookies give Simply Soaperior the ability to total the number of site visits and sources of traffic. This information provides Simply Soaperior with valuable statistics to help improve the performance of our website. Specifically, they allow Simply Soaperior to categorise the popularity of pages on our website and understand how visitors navigate the website.
Simply Soaperior may use these cookies to:
  • Provide statistical evaluation on how the Simply Soaperior website is used, for example, the service that you have shown an interest
  • Evaluate the success of our advertising
  • Enable Simply Soaperior to monitor and improve our website by analysing your usage and activities
  • Obtain opinions and feedback on your experience of the Simply Soaperior website.
Functional cookies are used to enable and provide greater functionality and personalisation of our website.
Simply Soaperior may use these cookies to:
  • Remember personal settings applied (such as colour, font size and other display preferences)
  • Remember the choices you made when searching for a service and their results
  • Share data with appropriate third-party providers to effectively provide services
  • Facilitate the use of audio-visual content for playback and search functionality
  • Share content with societal media platforms.
Marketing cookies are used to track a user’s online activity to assist our third-party marketeers (if any) provide advertising or limit the times its viewed.
Simply Soaperior may use these cookies to:
  • Personalise your website experience through customised content and promotional activities to enhance your experience
  • Provide personalised ads based on your interests
  • Evaluate and improve the usefulness of the adverts
  • Throttle the frequency of adverts
  • Generate a user profile based on interest in the Simply Soaperior services.
Tracking technologies
Simply Soaperior may use similar tracking technologies to cookies on this website, such as web beacons and tracking pixels, to improve your online experience.
A web beacon or tracking pixel is a transparent graphic image placed on a website or in an email to monitor users' activities when they visit a website or send emails.
Links to third-party websites
You may notice that, from time to time, we provided hyperlinks on our website for your convenience. If you click on a hyperlink, it will take you to a third-party website, and you may get cookies from that third-party provider.
Please note that Simply Soaperior has no control over how third-parties use or set their cookies, so we recommend that you check specific third-party websites to understand how they use cookies and how to control their use.
Management of cookies
Most web browsers provide control, in some form, for the majority of cookies through the browser settings. The following hyperlinks to the most well-known web browsers will help you to manage cookie settings.
For further information on managing cookies, including how to disable and delete them, please go to or
If you choose to block or disable the cookies that Simply Soaperior use on this website, this may change its operation, which could cause some functions of our website not to run as intended. Simply Soaperior recommends that you accept the cookies used on our website.
Changes to this policy
Simply Soaperior may make revisions to this policy if there are changes to the cookies we use for legal, regulatory, or other business reasons.
Please check this policy regularly to keep up to date on our use of cookies.
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