Shark Bath Bomb

Shark Bath Bomb

Our shark Attack Bath Bomb has been one of the biggest selling bath bombs we have ever made. And for a good reason!!

Shark Bath Bomb will create a river of the red bath bomb in your tub, recreating Jaw's favourite movie (Jaws Bath Bomb). We had sold our Shark Attack Bath Bomb to many different retailers, so no doubt if you had tried one of these bad boys before, they were made by simply soaperior. 

So the question is .. 

 Do you think you can handle it...

It’ll be all hands on deck with our Shark attack bath bomb! Watch the action evolve with foaming jaws whilst you get to relax in the deep blue. It’s a beautiful bath bomb with a bloody bite suitable for anyone who wants to recreate their favourite ocean thriller!

Handmade and scented with bubble gum, we promise there’ll only smooth sailing ahead.

 Our shark attack bath bomb is great fun; it brings a touch of drama to your bath time. We create ours using skin safe ingredients. This is our most popular bath bomb and for a good reason! You’ve never seen anything like it. 

Time to try your shark attack bath bomb?

Simply Soaperiors shark bath bomb is handpainted with shimmering mica powders with a hidden red embed inside to add to the shark bite bath bomb effect.  our shark bath bomb is completely handmade in the UK.