Shark bath bombs- like Johnny Depp’s finger, erupt like Mount Vesuvius.

Shark bath bombs- like Johnny Depp’s finger, erupt like Mount Vesuvius.

Shark bath bombs- like Johnny Depp’s finger, erupt like Mount Vesuvius.


Well, almost…

Sort of like having Johnny Depp visiting at bath time, just much more fun, shark bath bombs can be addictive, but they’re definitely not to be ingested, inhaled, imbibed, gobbled, or otherwise consumed. They’re edgier and more exciting than that moment in court when Johnny described his severed finger during his Australian holiday, but the shark bath bomb blood is fake, despite looking as real as an actual shark attack.

Handmade bath bombs are crafted to add some fizzle, sizzle, and shizzle to winding down in a soothing bath, with an alluring burst of fragrance that delights and excites. Not just for visual and sensory appeal, the fizz cleanses, smoothing skin and helping to leave it hydrated and fresh.

Just add water, and perhaps a glass of wine, to enjoy the mental health benefits these playful little powerhouses offer as part of your bath time ritual. They’re quirky, with real rewards that make bespoke and talked-about gifts. Simply Soaperier wholesale bath bombs are artisanal, made with love, and hand-painted under strictly hygienic conditions using skin-safe ingredients.

Even kids who are less than keen to clean up see shark bath bombs as an extension of playtime. Kind of Pirates of the Caribbean meets Jaws. **Spoiler alert: They turn out clean in the end!

No more boring bath time, there are three unique sharks to decide between…

Great white shark attack bath bombs have a second level of fun with their bubblegum scent and the trail of blood they leave as they offer an experience with their functionality. Any fear of sharks dissipates as the terror of the seas swashbuckles in the water, then dramatically fizzes away.

The Tiger shark is one of the ocean's largest predators and this handmade bath bomb has an extra bite. The sweet, refreshing tropical mango fragrance is a dangerous reminder of lurking possibilities. It adds an exciting edge to this handmade bath bomb in a less-than-subtle way.

Mermaid sharks. Mythical and beautiful, with undertones of peril, mermaid shark bath bombs are just as deceptive. This fierce handmade bath bomb leaves sweet berries, vanilla, and citrus wafting through the air as she leaves a bright red trail of destruction.

Handmade in the UK, shark bath bombs are vibrant and colourful. They're unconventional and it's this uniqueness that adds to their appeal. Just as their free-roaming namesakes suggest, Simply Soaperior shark bath bombs are made using ethically sourced ingredients and are crafted with an eye on safety while offering a sometimes bizarre, but always pleasurable bath time encounter.

It almost conjures up visions of drifting in the Caribbean Sea, until you realize that you’re in Australia, home to some of the most vicious predators in the ocean, with Jolly Rogers hastily retreating on the horizon. Except shark bath bombs erupt with fragrance, leaving you clean and in a relaxed state of mind, ready to take on the sharks on land….

You’ve never seen anything like it.